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In de CSM training staat het perspectief centraal van degenen die Scrum gebruiken om dingen gedaan te krijgen. Je leert hoe je een effectieve Scrum Master kunt zijn. Maar ook als je teamlid bent of manager bent die betrokken is bij Scrum teams zul je veel leren waar je wat aan hebt.


De focus van de training is op het goed structureren van werk in zelforganiserende teams. En hoe telkens beter te worden in het opleveren van waarde voor stakeholders. Ook in een omgeving die minder Agile werkt. Er worden hiervoor verschillende Agile strategieën en faciliteringstechnieken behandeld en geoefend.

Deze cursus is in het Nederlands 🇳🇱 en wordt gegeven als Scrum project. Onderwerpen die aan bod komen zijn:

  • Agile: achtergrond, waardes, principes en huidige toepassingen
  • Scrum overzicht
  • Scrum rollen en verantwoordelijkheden
  • Scrum Master valkuilen
  • Wat maakt iemand een goede Scrum Master
  • Product Backlog samenstellen en overzichtelijk houden
  • Definition of Done vaststellen en naleven
  • Backlog Refinement met ook een lange termijn perspectief
  • Technieken voor schattingen met het ontwikkelteam
  • Grip op planning en deadlines krijgen
  • Zelforganisatie in een team verbeteren
  • Sprint planningen die kort en effectief zijn
  • Daily Scrums die een team echt helpen samenwerken
  • Sprint Reviews waarin stakeholders applaudiseren
  • Retrospectives die tot concrete verbeteringen leiden
  • Een organisatie mee krijgen om meer Agile te werken
  • Samenwerken met meerdere Scrum teams
  • Samenwerken met afdelingen die minder Agile zijn
  • Scrum Master Quiz


Voor het behalen van het CSM certificaat is twee dagen actieve deelname aan deze opleiding vereist. Direct na de training ontvang je een e-mail van de Scrum Alliance om een online test te doen. Deze kun je thuis of op kantoor doen om je certificaat te behalen.


Griselda Williams

Marketing Manager at AppierCom & AppierSchool
Marco's dynamic, energetic, engaging approach to teaching the Certified Scrum Master course brings the Scrum process to life. I was able to pass the test with 94% at my first sitting, straight out of the classroom, because he taught me to embody scrum and agile principles as part of my fundamental way of thinking. He taught it as an intuitive, logical process, rather than a system one has to learn by rote. I could not recommend Marco more highly if you want someone to really teach you to embrace Scrum and Agile Methodology fully in a very short space of time.

Tim Parks

Head of Engineering Systems and Services at Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd
The experience over the two-day course was fantastic. It was not a dry explanation of the Scrum framework. Instead a practical, example driven 2 days where we worked through all elements of the Scrum framework. Using interactive exercises, and getting the opportunity to put forward challenges each of us faced with Scrum in our day to day work. Marco help explain how best to apply Scrum to these real-world challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marco Mulder as a Scrum Master trainer or as a business Scrum coach within a commercial environment. His experience in this field was clear and impressive.

Başak Çevik

Marketing Consultant & Agile Coach
I attended Marco's Scrum Master Training. He is an experienced trainer as well as an experienced Agile consultant. His experience with different clients facilitates the understanding process. Especially if you are using Agile methodologies in business concept, you may feel sometimes ''left off'' in between the ''software people'' . However his training content covered business and technical aspects of Scrum. What I also like about his training was his designing entire training on Agile concepts where we learned by doing the sprint, burn down chart, estimation and all content in general. I found most of my answers of my question marks during 2 days. I advice his training for everyone who wants to comprehend Agile Concept. Thank you Marco!

Ciara Moran

Head of Product at Access Earth
I had a great two days receiving training from Marco to become a Certified Scrum Master. Over the duration of the course my knowledge on Scrum grew exponentially with the learning process being fun and engaging. Not only did Marco create an environment that enabled us to retain knowledge easily, but he also enabled the group to collaborate to solve real work problems each person was having in their company. I highly recommend Marco as a teacher if you're looking for a fun and interactive way of growing your knowledge on scrum.

Gerard Allen

Director of Field Engineering, EMEIA at Jamf
Marco's real world experience was invaluable in our recent Certified ScrumMaster training. He ability to meet the needs of a wide range of students (from newbie to seasoned ScrumMasters) was impressive. Everyone walked away feeling they got real value from the course. I would happily recommend Marco to anyone looking to understand/apply Scrum.

Paul Brady

Director, Foye Consulting
I attended a recent Certified Scrum Master training workshop with Marco, and it was one of the most engaging training workshops I've ever attended. Marco has a deep knowledge of Scrum (and Agile approaches) which drove a customized workshop for the attendees. My follow up exam with Scrum Alliance was easily passed at the first attempt.