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In de CSPO training staat het perspectief centraal van degenen die iets van Scrum teams opgeleverd willen hebben. Je leert hoe je een effectieve Product Owner kunt zijn. Maar ook als je belanghebbende (‘stakeholder’) bent van één of meerdere Scrum teams is deze cursus zeer geschikt. Bijvoorbeeld als je als klant te maken hebt met een leverancier die Scrum gebruikt. Of als je vanuit de business in een organisatie te maken hebt met Scrum IT teams.


De focus van de training is op het opleveren van waarde voor stakeholders in kleine stappen, op basis van visie en doelstellingen. Ook in een omgeving die minder Agile werkt. Er worden hiervoor verschillende Agile strategieën en faciliteringstechnieken behandeld en geoefend.

De training is in het Nederlands 🇳🇱 en wordt gegeven als Scrum project. Onderwerpen die aan bod komen zijn:

  • Agile: achtergrond, waardes, principes en huidige toepassingen
  • Scrum overzicht
  • Scrum rollen en verantwoordelijkheden
  • Product Owner valkuilen
  • Wat maakt iemand een goede Product Owner
  • Identificeren van stakeholders
  • Vaststellen visie en doelstellingen
  • Story Map workshop faciliteren
  • Agile product ontwikkel strategieën
  • Stakeholders mee krijgen in een Agile werkwijze
  • Product Backlog maken en overzichtelijk houden
  • Backlog refinement met stakeholders en ontwikkelteam
  • Backlog prioriteren op basis van waarde en kosten
  • Schattingen verkrijgen van een ontwikkelteam
  • Grip krijgen op planning en het behalen van deadlines
  • Sprint Planning en Sprint Review effectief houden
  • Goede en frequente feedback van stakeholders
  • Samenwerken met meerdere Scrum teams
  • Product Owner Quiz


Voor het behalen van het CSPO certificaat is twee dagen actieve deelname aan deze opleiding vereist. Direct na de training ontvang je online je certificaat van de Scrum Alliance.


Kevin J Vella

Head Of Customer Experience at Genting Casinos UK
It is amazing how Marco manages to make the role of a product owner come alive in a training course through a series of clever examples and intricate role playing games. After his two day course, I went back with many ideas to put into practice and take the product team a few notches forward. It is rare to find instructors like Marco.

Markus Schrickel

Head of Product bei VISI/ONE
Marco is an excellent trainer. I had the pleasure of participating in a 2-day CSPO training camp in 2018. He provides great insights about the Scrum framework using exceptional real-world examples, backed-up by well structured theory mixed with realistic problem-solving "games". Without doubt, it is the best course I have attended during my career. If you want to deep dive into Scrum, I highly recommend participating in one of Marco's trainings.

Christoph Janssen

Senior Consultant I CIO Advisory @PwC
Just had a great training session with Marco on the scrum concept and in particular the role of a product owner. The class was very helpful, engaging and brought a lot of theoretical and practical insights and training. I would recommend everyone to look into participating in one of his classes or to bring him into your own company! Thanks Marco!

Kevin Mobbs

mVise AG
Marco's CSPO training material and the interactive sessions made learning and practicing application of scrum principles extremely easy and memorable. The course content is not simply academic justification of PO best practices, but instead real world examples of their pragmatic implementation. 100% recommendation!

Tina Pyka

Senior Consultant at PD - Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH
I participated in Marco's CSPO training this week. I genuinely enjoyed the entire training, it was the best I ever participated in. The word "participate" must be stressed in comparison to other trainings, where it was often required to only sit and listen. I admired how the practical exercises perfectly illustrated the course content, it was all so very well thought through and didactical. I took a lot of inspiration with me for my own training sessions or just the next time I'll explain the principles of scrum to a group. The entire training was agile in itself - and Marco allowed me to transfer what I learned to my actual projects, because he answered all the specific participants' questions. I absolutely recommend Marco's CSPO training.

Patrick Burger

Sr. Software Product Manager
I attended a Product Owner Certification Course (Scrum Alliance) which Marco hosted as instructor. He has a lot of experience in the Agile/Scrum area and his personality and communication skills made these two days very interesting to attend. Especially he is able to 'map' the theory on actual cases / questions (daily work) of the course participants. I for sure recommend Marco when in a project or at a certain company is a need for an agile / Scrum coach.