What others say


Paul Brady

Director, Foye Consulting
I attended a recent Certified Scrum Master training workshop with Marco, and it was one of the most engaging training workshops I've ever attended. Marco has a deep knowledge of Scrum (and Agile approaches) which drove a customized workshop for the attendees. My follow up exam with Scrum Alliance was easily passed at the first attempt.

Tina Pyka

Senior Consultant at PD - Berater der öffentlichen Hand GmbH
I participated in Marco's CSPO training this week. I genuinely enjoyed the entire training, it was the best I ever participated in. The word "participate" must be stressed in comparison to other trainings, where it was often required to only sit and listen. I admired how the practical exercises perfectly illustrated the course content, it was all so very well thought through and didactical. I took a lot of inspiration with me for my own training sessions or just the next time I'll explain the principles of scrum to a group. The entire training was agile in itself - and Marco allowed me to transfer what I learned to my actual projects, because he answered all the specific participants' questions. I absolutely recommend Marco's CSPO training.

Ciara Moran

Head of Product at Access Earth
I had a great two days receiving training from Marco to become a Certified Scrum Master. Over the duration of the course my knowledge on Scrum grew exponentially with the learning process being fun and engaging. Not only did Marco create an environment that enabled us to retain knowledge easily, but he also enabled the group to collaborate to solve real work problems each person was having in their company. I highly recommend Marco as a teacher if you're looking for a fun and interactive way of growing your knowledge on scrum.

Kevin J Vella

Head Of Customer Experience at Genting Casinos UK
It is amazing how Marco manages to make the role of a product owner come alive in a training course through a series of clever examples and intricate role playing games. After his two day course, I went back with many ideas to put into practice and take the product team a few notches forward. It is rare to find instructors like Marco.

Jan Ackermann

Application Architect bei Vanderbilt International
I took the Scrum Master course. This training changed my life, both professional and private. Marco has not only a profound knowledge about Agile and Scrum, but also about using both in real life.

Başak Çevik

Marketing Consultant & Agile Coach
I attended Marco's Scrum Master Training. He is an experienced trainer as well as an experienced Agile consultant. His experience with different clients facilitates the understanding process. Especially if you are using Agile methodologies in business concept, you may feel sometimes ''left off'' in between the ''software people'' . However his training content covered business and technical aspects of Scrum. What I also like about his training was his designing entire training on Agile concepts where we learned by doing the sprint, burn down chart, estimation and all content in general. I found most of my answers of my question marks during 2 days. I advice his training for everyone who wants to comprehend Agile Concept. Thank you Marco!

Ciara Fenton

Senior Project Manager at Marino Software
I completed CSM training with Marco and thoroughly enjoyed the 2 day course. I really enjoyed how the course was so interactive and the exercises Marco used to demonstrate the learning points from various topics. Marco was approachable, engaging and extremely knowledgeable. And I passed my exam on the first attempt! Thanks Marco

Indira G. Martin

Working with the Marketing and Business Development teams at Globoforce
I had the opportunity to be trained by Marco during a 2-day Agile course. Marco is a wonderful trainer, he is efficient, involved and allowed all of us to incorporate our different backgrounds to the experience. Marco took the time to give me valuable career advice which I will now take forward. It is rare to meet an individual that will give you the right advise with exclusively your interest at heart.

Kevin Mobbs

mVise AG
Marco's CSPO training material and the interactive sessions made learning and practicing application of scrum principles extremely easy and memorable. The course content is not simply academic justification of PO best practices, but instead real world examples of their pragmatic implementation. 100% recommendation!

Markus Schrickel

Head of Product bei VISI/ONE
Marco is an excellent trainer. I had the pleasure of participating in a 2-day CSPO training camp in 2018. He provides great insights about the Scrum framework using exceptional real-world examples, backed-up by well structured theory mixed with realistic problem-solving "games". Without doubt, it is the best course I have attended during my career. If you want to deep dive into Scrum, I highly recommend participating in one of Marco's trainings.

Tim Parks

Head of Engineering Systems and Services at Vanderbilt International (IRL) Ltd
The experience over the two-day course was fantastic. It was not a dry explanation of the Scrum framework. Instead a practical, example driven 2 days where we worked through all elements of the Scrum framework. Using interactive exercises, and getting the opportunity to put forward challenges each of us faced with Scrum in our day to day work. Marco help explain how best to apply Scrum to these real-world challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Marco Mulder as a Scrum Master trainer or as a business Scrum coach within a commercial environment. His experience in this field was clear and impressive.

Jennifer Callan-Crilly

Certified ScrumMaster at STATSports
Just completed CSM training with Marco, it was an incredibly active, fun and informative 2 days. The training was intensive but largely interactive keeping it interesting and engaging. Thanks to Marco I now feel more confident about the success of adopting Scrum practices within my organisation.

Griselda Williams

Marketing Manager at AppierCom & AppierSchool
Marco's dynamic, energetic, engaging approach to teaching the Certified Scrum Master course brings the Scrum process to life. I was able to pass the test with 94% at my first sitting, straight out of the classroom, because he taught me to embody scrum and agile principles as part of my fundamental way of thinking. He taught it as an intuitive, logical process, rather than a system one has to learn by rote. I could not recommend Marco more highly if you want someone to really teach you to embrace Scrum and Agile Methodology fully in a very short space of time.

Taimoor Imtiaz

Industry 4.0 Software Developer at Intel Corporation
I came into this training very skeptical and very convinced that scrum is broken. I am a completely reformed man now. Thanks Marco; I've got no more words.

Dan Laffan

Head of Product Engineering, Deputy CTO at Sonru
Marco just hosted Certified ScrumMaster® training, and literally within 24 hours I was able to pass the Scrum Alliance's exam. He did an awesome job handling lots of diverse questions, challenges from the group and he kept the entire experience lively and incredibly interesting. Great job, Marco!

Thorsten J. Gorny

Vice President Consulting & Customer Success at Ingentis Inc.
Just coming back fully charged from Marco’s CSM course and ready to bring more agility to our team. Marco’s approach combined with his broad experience and background made this training one of the most valuable courses I have ever attended. I especially loved the way he applied the Scrum framework to the course schedule - which was a great example itself for what it really means to be “agile”. Thanks again for all the good insights and this great learning experience!

Islam Shalaby

Technincal Project Leader at Valeo
Marco is a brilliant Scrum coach. I had the pleasure to attend Certified Scrum Master training with Marco as a trainer. I was particularly impressed by Marco's hands on experience that sets him as a captivating knowledgeable trainer. Marco has a very unique approach as a trainer in which he actively engages all participants regardless of their background. And I still keep the really inspiring book on SCRUM he gave to me along with the planning poker cards we used to do task estimation! As a Scrum coach, Marco earns my highest recommendation.

Nola Giltinan

Senior Software Developer at ACI Worldwide
Marco is a fountain of knowledge regarding all things scrum and agile. His training style and practical approach meant 2 days of scrum master training flew. Marco's application of scrum to the course schedule made the content even easier to understand, while his enthusiasm, interactive training approach and the ability to address any question that was thrown at him, made the training course the most beneficial course I have ever attended!

Ricardo Calles

Operations Manager @LeapCard
Marco's charisma and passion is contagious, his confidence is outstanding and is clear that the reason is he deeply believes and practices what he preaches. It is eye-opening how by showing the silliness of common used anti-patterns you can validate how wasteful they are, Marco has an amazing gift that allows him to resonate with his team on a more profound level than technical or intellectual, he connects instantly and promotes a winning attitude that doesn't go away.

Gerard Allen

Director of Field Engineering, EMEIA at Jamf
Marco's real world experience was invaluable in our recent Certified ScrumMaster training. He ability to meet the needs of a wide range of students (from newbie to seasoned ScrumMasters) was impressive. Everyone walked away feeling they got real value from the course. I would happily recommend Marco to anyone looking to understand/apply Scrum.

Christoph Janssen

Senior Consultant I CIO Advisory @PwC
Just had a great training session with Marco on the scrum concept and in particular the role of a product owner. The class was very helpful, engaging and brought a lot of theoretical and practical insights and training. I would recommend everyone to look into participating in one of his classes or to bring him into your own company! Thanks Marco!

Tim Schmitz

COO @ Jodel App
I highly recommend Marco's classes on scrum. Very hands-on approaches on introducing agile development in your company. Thank you once more!

Tobias Brinkhorst

Consultant / Project Manager / Interim Executive
Marco is a very enthusiastic and motivated coach that delivers fun, interactive trainings with great results. He´s flexible and agile(!) to cater the groups needs and has valuable answers to questions asked.

Vlad Tufis

Mobile Developer at PINCH B.V.
I had the opportunity of attending Marco's training for Certified Scrum Product Owner. He is a knowledgeable person and enthusiastic speaker; always managing to come up with valid examples for our questions, as well as to illustrate key Scrum concepts, he kept the audience engaged for the duration of the 2 days and made the training a very nice experience. I highly recommend Marco's trainings to whoever is interested in learning more about Scrum related topics.

Mattia Maggioli

Senior Solution Manager at Trend Micro
Marco delivered an outstanding "Certified ScrumMaster" training by making our entire class live and work Scrum throughout the 2 days. He enabled the class by making us do a hands-on real-time and real-life Scrum experience tailored on our needs.

Barry Ò Brien

Scrum Master at ABN Amro
Marco is a very talented Scrum Master. I had the pleasure of being taught the Agile way by Marco at a 2-day training camp in 2016. He provides great clarity about the role of the Scrum Master within the scrum team, using real-world examples, backed-up by theory and thought provoking 'games'. I consider the course an instrumental addition to my professional development. Without doubt, it is the best course I have attended during my career, why? The training was delivered using scrum by a Certified Scrum Master, which I can now proudly call myself.

Patrick Burger

Sr. Software Product Manager
I attended a Product Owner Certification Course (Scrum Alliance) which Marco hosted as instructor. He has a lot of experience in the Agile/Scrum area and his personality and communication skills made these two days very interesting to attend. Especially he is able to 'map' the theory on actual cases / questions (daily work) of the course participants. I for sure recommend Marco when in a project or at a certain company is a need for an agile / Scrum coach.

Miguel Caballero

Digital Test Lead at Vodafone Ireland
Marco is an inspiring speaker who will help you dive in the fascinating ocean of SCRUM. His trainings are brilliantly conducted and balance the right dose of vision, real company cases and fun exercises to keep you engaged. After my course, I came to the realisation that part of my beliefs system had forever been challenged. Learning how to practice SCRUM will definitely be beneficial for any professional or company. I will for sure train with him again in the future and would totally recommend the same to others. Thanks Marco!

Anton Sutton

Senior Systems Architect at CloudCARDS Ltd
Marco is an excellent communicator and trainer with a patient, engaging & fun style that makes his training sessions enjoyable and memorable. He also uses clear real-world examples which are incredibly useful for understanding the benefits of the material quickly and effectively. He also adapts each day to the needs of the course attendees to provide the most value. Highly recommended and many thanks Marco!

Martin Sterry

Test Engineer Sainsbury's
Have just attended a certified Scrum Master course taken by Marco. I would highly recommend it to anyone. He is extremely knowledge and passionate about his subject and his enthusiasm is infectious. He also has the gift of making the material relevant to his audience and fully engaging everybody. All in all it has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable 2 days

Krzysztof Wawrzynkowski

Product Director at ERGO Digital IT
If you want to learn about SCRUM Marco is your Coach. Tens of answered questions, positive attitude and great feeling of the SCRUM made our two days of training very productive. Thanks Marco!

Berk Temuroglu

e-Commerce, Loyalty and CRM Director
I have attended one of Marco's Certified Scrum Master trainings in September 2014. Marco has a very unique approach as a trainer which embraces all people from different back rounds whether they have technical expertise or not. His "Scrum Master" training was more than a classroom session primarily because of many real life experiences and the continuous participation of the attendees. I personally act as a product owner in my current role, and I have gathered a lot of information about the needs of a development team and the power of scrum. I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in "Scrum" to attend one of Marco's trainings.

David Alpert

TV & Media Leader
I have recently completed a CSM training course, that was given by Marco Mulder. I was very lucky to have had the training with Marco. Being a CTO it is important to understand agile methodologies from several different perspectives. I was very much impressed by his mastery and professionalism coupled with his industry and development experience. Proved to me that we could not have learnt about this topic in any better way. I would be more than happy to recommend or endorse Marco's competency. - He has a wicked and sharp sense of humor, by the way.

Stephen Ogden

COO at Kontist - New Banking for the Self Employed
I was recently a participant of a Certified Scrum Master course led by Marco. My experience with him as a course leader was excellent. Even though I am currently working in a company where Scrum is being used since more than three years, the course brought me exciting new insights, and triggered many new ideas to take back with me to our Scrum environment. Marco knows how to captivate his audience and uses great instruments to illustrate the intricacies of the Scrum framework in a fun, accessible and convincing way. I would definitely recommend Marco and his CSM course to anyone who is looking to learn about Scrum, or just simply as a refresher course for more experienced Scrum practitioners.

Blaž Strle

CEO - Adacta Dynamics
I highly recommend Marco for SCRUM workshops and consulting. He is extremely good and well prepared speaker. His presentation was interactive and instead of following the PPT presentation, he has included our issues into scrum master training. He has provided us with good answers to our issues and even more important, he has inspired us for future improvements. Some of his suggestions were immediately applied in our organization, which resulted in positive effects in team collaboration.

Bastiaan Nijkamp

Senior Software Engineer at Carthago ICT
Followed a Certified Scrum Master course given by Marco. He has a lot of experience on the subject and was able to give well-founded answers to all of my questions.

Demian Denker

Chief Technology Officer at GetSocial BV
Marco and Bas helped us transform our company. They introduced Scrum to all of us and led the way to implement it in our organization. The CSM training was clear, dynamic, interactive, engaging and covered all of our main concerns. They gave us tools and shared real life experiences (and they have a lot of those) to be able to work with Scrum right away, and so we did. The changes are already having a major impact on team collaboration, communication, planning, quality, time to market and focus. We couldn't be more satisfied with the current results.

André Kampert

Software Engineer at Paragonia Technology B.V
Marco was hired on the project as a senior Scrum Master and coach. He greatly helped us learn how to work with Scrum effectively. I really admired Marco's approach to implementing Scrum in the broader organisation. We also had some very insightful technical discussions. Marco is a great contribution to a team and a very good consultant. You can easily tell he loves his work. Recommended!

Cormac Donnelly

Independent Management and IT Consultant
I attended Marco's Certified Scrum Master training and was very happy with what was delivered. Marco's skill and experience shine through in his ability to balance concepts, in-class exercise work and his real-life experience, while sticking to a tight schedule and adapting to the key interest areas of the group.

Gregory Forel

Global Program Manager at Microsoft
Marco's 2 days CSM (Certified Scrum Master) course is simply the best I've attended yet, for few reasons: - Marco is engaging from the first minute to the last, you won't fall asleep and you won't need coffee. - He's an expert, you will learn and feel confident to apply the skills by the end of his course. - His course is delivered in the most effective possible way, I won't ruin the surprise: you'll have to attend. Let's just say he walks the talk and 'applied' Scrum on improving his own course!

Guido Schoonheim

Interim - Digital Transformation, Product Dev, Global IT, Agile & DevOps
Sometimes you work with people that can pick up just about anything, take responsibility for it and turn it into something great. Marco is one of these special people. Marco is a very experienced hands-on guy who can think on multiple levels. He combines ridiculously extensive technical knowledge and experience with a strong grip on Agile processes and planning. He knows how to keep an open mind and has the personality, communication skills and charm to get things done. This combination makes him a great Agile Coach, Lead Architect or Team Leader and a pleasure to work with.

Dmitry (Nabatchikov) Graf

IT Project & Program Manager
I've attended a CSM workshop conducted by Marco. I recommend him as highly professional trainer. He is very passionate about Scrum. He conducted the training in an energetic and agile manner inspiring all the participants.

Carlos Cardoza

Quality Specialist at Islandsbanki
Just participated in the CSM course taught by Marco – excellent training, good coverage, very professional and the best part: The Agile Scrum approach applied to the entire course!

Jeff Sutherland

Co-creator of Scrum
I strongly recommend Marco Mulder as a Scrum Trainer. For the past several years I have worked with Marco Mulder leading Certified ScrumMaster courses in the Netherlands. Marco has an excellent understanding of Scrum and has deep knowledge of XP engineering practices. Marco has also been a ScrumMaster, as well as team member, on hyperproductive distributed teams. In addition to his work with Scrum training and consulting, Marco has taken on leadership in the Agile Netherlands community and helped expand its membership and its focus on Scrum.