When the Agile Manifesto was made in 2001, I was part of OTI. There, the Eclipse software tool was developed in a very effective manner in a large number of Agile teams. A few years later I started giving CSM trainings as a co-trainer with Scrum founder Jeff Sutherland. I was the second Certified Scrum Trainer in the Netherlands and co-founder of NLScrum.

I really enjoyed training people and helping Scrum teams to get started and to improve. Therefore I started to do Agile / Scrum coaching and trainings full-time. I have coached many organizations: small start-ups, large corporates and government organizations. And I have now trained thousands of people.

In recent years I have often been involved in organizations that use Scrum for non-IT work, such as marketing teams.

I get most training participations and consultancy assignments because people recommend me to their colleagues. Many have indicated that I have contributed to the speed and quality of the work, but also to the joy of working in a result-oriented way with others.